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San Pedro Huilotepec

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San Pedro Huilotepec
Municipality an toun
San Pedro Huilotepec is located in Mexico
San Pedro Huilotepec
San Pedro Huilotepec
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 16°15′N 95°9′W / 16.250°N 95.150°W / 16.250; -95.150Coordinates: 16°15′N 95°9′W / 16.250°N 95.150°W / 16.250; -95.150
Kintra Mexico
 • Total103.06 km2 (39.79 sq mi)
20 m (70 ft)
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central Staundart Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (Central Daylicht Time)

San Pedro Huilotepec is a toun an municipality in Oaxaca in sooth-wastren Mexico. It is pairt o the Tehuantepec Destrict in the wast o the Istmo Region. "Huilotepec" means stne wasp.[1]

The municipality covers a aurie o 103.06 km², an is atween the ceety o Salina Cruz an the Superior Lagoon. The Tehuantepec river flows past the toun. The climate is wairm wi little variation durin the year. Flora include Guanacaste, ceiba, congo, sauce, mango an coconut. Fauna include wild cat, badger, coyote, wild boar, birds an reptiles.[1]

As o 2005, the municipality haed 614 hoosehaulds. The main toun is San Pedro Huilotepec, wi a population o 2,396 fowk. Economic activity includes cultivation o corn, sesame, beans an vegetables, extensive cattle grazin, an fishin, aiblins the maist important activity.[1] The Union o Indigenous Commonties o the Isthmus Region, a cooperative foondit in 1982, assists in production an distribution o the local products unner a fair trade label.[2]


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