San Ignacio de Moxos

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San Ignacio de Moxos
Toun an municipality
San Ignacio de Moxos is located in Bolivie
San Ignacio de Moxos
San Ignacio de Moxos
Location o San Ignacio in Bolivie
Coordinates: 14°59′46″S 65°38′24″W / 14.99611°S 65.64000°W / -14.99611; -65.64000
KintraFlag of Bolivia.svg Bolivie
DepairtmentFlag of Beni.svg Beni Depairtment
ProvinceMoxos Province
144 m (472 ft)
 (est. 2008)
 • Total14,215

San Ignacio de Moxos (short: San Ignacio) is a toun in the Beni Depairtment o northren Bolivie.

Location[eedit | eedit soorce]

San Ignacio is the caipital o the Moxos Province an is situatit at an elevation o 144 m abuin sea level at Laguna Isiboro, a lake o 20 km² wast o the toun. San Ignacio is locatit 100 km sooth-wast o Trinidad, the depairtment's caipital.

Population[eedit | eedit soorce]

The toun population haes risen frae 4,832 (census 1992) tae 9,064 (census 2001) an 14,215 (2008 estimate)[1].

Govrenment[eedit | eedit soorce]

The current mayor o San Ignacio de Moxos is Basilio Nolvani Nojune (o the MAS-IPSP pairty), who wis electit in the 4 Aprile 2010 elections an teuk office in late Mey 2010.[2]

Date Began Date Endit Govrenor Pairty Notes
Jan 2005 2006 Sixto Vejarano Congo CPEM-B Umwhile Preses, Subcentral of TIMI[3]
8 Aug 2006 Elizabeth Zelada PODEMOS Came tae pouer efter nae-confidence vote bi the Cooncil in Vejerano[4]
30 Mey 2010 Basilio Nolvani Nojune MAS-IPSP Wan 51.5% in Aprile election

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