Salvador Alvarado Municipality

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Salvador Alvarado municipality in Sinaloa.

Salvador Alvarado (Spaingie pronunciation: [salβaˈðor alβaˈɾaðo]) is a municipality in the Mexican state o Sinaloa. It staunds at 25°08′09″N 107°51′45″W / 25.13583°N 107.86250°W / 25.13583; -107.86250.

The municipality reportit 76,537 inhabitants in the 2005 census an haes an areal extent o 1,197.5 km² (462.36 sq mi). Its municipal seat is the ceety o Guamúchil. The lairgest ither commonty in the municipality is the toun o Benito Juárez (population 5,128).

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