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Badiraguato - sma ceety an seat o the Badiraguato Municipality in the Mexican state o Sinaloa. It staunds at 25°9′30″N 106°58′25″W / 25.15833°N 106.97361°W / 25.15833; -106.97361. The ceety reportit 3,562 an the municipality 37,757 indwallers in the year 2005 census.[1] It is the birthplace o Joaquín Guzmán Loera, Mexico's maist pouerful drug laird.[2]

Badiraguato is locatit near the municipality o Culiacán, the Sierra Madre Occidental which cross Badiraguato gies tae the municipality temperate forest ecoseestems.

Badiraguato haes a variet climate an aw, sae it haes frae het an arid, tae snawy forests in his heicher pairts, some climates variate frae the hettest (44.5 celsius degrees) tae the cauldest(9 degrees belaw zero)

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