SV Werder Bremen

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Werder Bremen[1]
Full nameSportverein Werder Bremen
von 1899 e. V.
Nickname(s)Die Werderaner (The River Islanders)[2]
Die Grün-Weißen (The Green-Whites)[1]
Foondit4 Februar 1899; 123 years ago (1899-02-04)[1]
Ground Capacity42,100[3]
PresidentHubertus Hess-Grunewald
Heid CoachOle Werner
WabsteidClub wabsteid
Current saison

Sportverein Werder Bremen von 1899 e. V. (German pronunciation: [ˈvɛʁdɐ ˈbʁeːmən]), commonly kent as Werder Bremen, Werder, or semply Bremen, is a German sports club locatit in Bremen[1] in the northwast German federal state Free Hanseatic Ceety o Bremen. Foondit oan 4 Februar 1899, Werder are best kent fur thair fitba team, wha compete in the Bundesliga, the foremaist tire o the German fitba league seestem. Bremen share the record for maist saisons in the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich an are thurd in the aw-time Bundesliga table ahint Bayern an Borussia Dortmund.[4]

Werder hiv bin German champions four times, hae wan the DFB-Pokal six times, the DFL-Ligapokal wance, the DFL-Supercup three times, an the European Cup Winners' Cup ance. The team's foremaist major trophy wis the 1960–61 DFB-Pokal; thay lest wun the cup in 2008–09. Bremen's foremaist German championship cam in 1964–65, an thair newest in 2003–04, whan thay wun the double. In European fitba, Werder wun the 1991–92 European Cup Winners' Cup, and wur rinners-up in the 2008–09 UEFA Cup.

Bremen hae played at the Weserstadion sin 1909. The club shares a rivalry wi fellow northern German club Hamburger SV, kent as the Nordderby (Scots: "North derby"). In April 2022, Werder hud ower 40,000 memmers.[5]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

1899–1970[eedit | eedit soorce]

Original squad o Werder Bremen in 1899.

Oan 4 Februar 1899, FV Werder Bremen wis foondit bi a group o 16-year-old students thit wan a fitba in a tug o war tournament.[6] The nam "Werder" is the German wird for "river peninsula", allidit to the riverside field oan whilk the team played thair first fitba matches. Oan 10 September 1899, Werder wun thair first match 1–0, anent ASC 1898 Bremen. In 1900, the club wis ane o the foonding memmers o the German Fitbaw Association (DFB). Werder than enjeyed great seil, winnin several local championships. In 1903, aw three o thair wun thair local leagues. Due tae the club's popularity, Werder becam the first side in the ceety tae chairge entry fees fur hame matches.[7]

Efter the First Warld War, the club adopted ither sports, such as athletics, basebaw, chess, cricket, an tennis.[8] Oan 19 Januar 1920, the club teuk oan thair current name: Sportverein Werder Bremen. In 1922, it becam the first club in Bremen tae hire a perfaisional coach, the Hungarian Ferenc Kónya. Werder made raiglar appearances in the play-affs o the Northren German fitba championship in the 1920s an 1930s but didnae win ony titles. In the 1930s, forrit Matthias Heidemann becam the club's foremaist internaitional.

Players[eedit | eedit soorce]

Current squad[eedit | eedit soorce]

As o 2 Januar 2022 [9][10]

Note: Banners indicate naitional team as defined unner FIFA eligibility rules. Players mey haud mair nor ane non-FIFA naitionality.

No. Poseetion Player
1 Czech Republic GK Jiří Pavlenka
3 Germany DF Anthony Jung
4 Germany DF Niklas Stark
5 Germany DF Amos Pieper
6 Denmark MF Jens Stage
7 Germany FW Marvin Ducksch
8 Germany DF Mitchell Weiser
9 Scotland FW Oliver Burke
10 Germany MF Leonardo Bittencourt
11 Germany FW Niclas Füllkrug
13 Serbie DF Miloš Veljković
19 Togo MF Dikeni Salifou
20 Austrick MF Romano Schmid
No. Poseetion Player
21 Germany FW Eren Dinkçi
22 Germany MF Niklas Schmidt
26 Ingland DF Lee Buchanan
27 Germany DF Felix Agu
28 Bulgarie MF Ilia Gruev
30 Germany GK Michael Zetterer
32 Austrick DF Marco Friedl (captain)
34 Germany MF Jean-Manuel Mbom
36 Germany DF Christian Groß
37 Germany GK Mio Backhaus
38 Germany GK Dudu Haesler
39 Italy DF Fabio Chiarodia
40 Germany GK Louis Lord

Oot on loan[eedit | eedit soorce]

Note: Banners indicate naitional team as defined unner FIFA eligibility rules. Players mey haud mair nor ane non-FIFA naitionality.

No. Poseetion Player
Sooth Korea DF Park Kyu-hyun (to Dynamo Dresden until 30 June 2023)
Germany DF Dominik Becker (to 1. FC Saarbrücken until 30 June 2023)
Germany MF Oscar Schönfelder (to Jahn Regensburg until 30 June 2023)
Germany MF Yannik Engelhardt (to SC Freiburg II until 30 June 2023)
No. Poseetion Player
Germany MF Nicolai Rapp (to 1. FC Kaiserslautern until 30 June 2023)
Germany FW Nick Woltemade (to SV Elversberg until 30 June 2023)
Germany FW Justin Njinmah (to Borussia Dortmund II until 30 June 2023)
Germany FW Abdenego Nankishi (to Heracles Almelo until 30 June 2023)

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