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STV is a Scots free-ti-air telly channel awned bi STV Group plc an is a pairt o the ITV netwark.[1] It hauds the twa Channel 3 leecences in northren an central Scotland, ae-time kent as Grampian Television (nou legally STV North Ltd) an Scottish Television (nou legally STV Central Ltd).

Houever the STV brand name refers ti the on-air name uised bi Scottish Television for maist o its histerie - mainlie in the 70s an early 80s. This name wis keepit in conversational uise amongst the local public efterwards. The modern STV brand wis first uised on Tysday 30th Mey 2006, replacin baith auld brands. The sense o continuity in the name wis demonstratit whan STV celebratit its 60th birthday in 2017, wi special programmes shawed on STV itself an the nou defunct STV2.

STV is the anely pairt o the ITV Netwark that isnae awned bi ITV plc. Cause o this, the station disnae uise ITV brandin or shaw ITV's netwark trails an idents. It is the last ensaumple o ITV's auld structure whaur ilka regional station wis independently awned an run.

In 2013, STV wan leecences ti launch local telly channels in Glesga an Edinburgh. STV Glasgow stairtit on 2 Juin 2014, wi STV Edinburgh follaein on 12 Januar 2015. Frae 24 Aprile 2017, the ceety channels war rebrandit as "STV2" an operatit wi new franchises centred on Aiberdeen, Dundee, and Ayr. STV2 ended in the Juin 2018.

STV haes main offices in Glesga an Aiberdeen, an haed ance in Dundee an Edinburgh.[2]

Programmin[eedit | eedit soorce]

The twa leecences yet produce regional programmes, awtho the anely difference atween them is the respective news programmes: STV News broadcasts separate bulletins ti Northren Scotland (includin a opt-oot for the Tayside area), Glesga/Wast Central Scotland, and Edinburgh/East Central Scotland.

Fremmit airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]

STV Website

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