Roger Y. Tsien

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Nobel prize medal.svg Roger Y. Tsien
Roger Tsien-press conference Dec 07th, 2008-2.jpg
Born Februar 1, 1952(1952-02-01)
New York Ceety, Unitit States
Died 24 August 2016 (aged 64)
Eugene, Oregon, Unitit States
Residence San Diego
Ceetizenship Unitit States
Naitionality American
Fields Biochemistry
Institutions UC San Diego
UC Berkeley
Alma mater Harvard Varsity
Varsity o Cambridge
Kent for GFP
Calcium imagin
Notable awairds Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2008)
E. B. Wilson Medal (2008)
Rosenstiel Awaird (2006)
Wolf Prize in Medicine (2004)
Keio Medical Science Prize (2004)
Dr A.H. Heineken Prize (2002)
Artois-Baillet Latour Heal Prize
Gairdner Foondation
Internaitional Awaird

Roger Yonchien Tsien (born Februar 1, 1952; died August 24, 2016) wis a Cheenese American biochemist. He is a professor at the Depairtment o Chemistry an Biochemistry, Varsity o Californie, San Diego.[1] He wis awairdit the 2008 Nobel Prize in chemistry "for his discovery an development o the green fluorescent protein (GFP) wi twa ither chemists: Martin Chalfie o Columbia Varsity an Osamu Shimomura o Boston Varsity an Marine Biological Laboratory.[2]

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