Osamu Shimomura

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下村 脩
Shimomura Osamu
Born27 August 1928(1928-08-27)
Kyoto, Japan
Dee'd19 October 2018 (aged 90)
Alma materNagasaki Varsity
Nagoya Varsity
AwairdsAsahi Prize (2006)
Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2008)
Gowden Guiss Awaird (2012)
Scientific career
InstitutionsPrinceton Varsity
Boston Varsity Schuil o Medicine
Marine Biological Laboratory

Osamu Shimomura (下村 脩, Shimomura Osamu, born August 27, 1928; died October 19, 2018) wis a Japanese[2][3] organic chemist an marine biologist, an Professor Emeritus at Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, Massachusetts an Boston Varsity Schuil o Medicine. He wis awairdit the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2008 for the discovery an development o green fluorescent protein (GFP) wi twa American scientists: Martin Chalfie o Columbia Varsity an Roger Tsien o the Varsity o California-San Diego.[4]

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