Robert Duvall

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Robert Duvall
Duvall in 2016
BornRobert Selden Duvall
(1931-01-05) 5 Januar 1931 (age 93)
San Diego, Californie, U.S.
ThriftActor, director
Years active1952–present
Hauf-marrae(s)Barbara Benjamin (1964–1975)
Gail Youngs (1982–1986)
Sharon Brophy (1991–1996)
Luciana Pedraza (2005–present)

Robert Selden Duvall[1] (/dˈvɔːl/; born Januar 5, 1931)[2] is an American actor an filmmakker. He haes been nominatit for seiven Academy Awairds (winnin for his performance in Tender Mercies), seiven Gowden Globes (winnin fower), an haes multiple nominations an ane win ilk o the BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild Awaird, an Emmy Awaird. He received the Naitional Medal o Airts in 2005. Duvall haes starred in numerous films an telly series, includin To Kill a Mockingbird (1962), The Twilight Zone (1963), The Outer Limits (1964), Bullitt (1968), True Grit (1969), MASH (1970), THX 1138 (1971), Joe Kidd (1972), The Godfather (1972), The Godfather Part II (1974), The Conversation (1974), Network (1976), Apocalypse Now (1979), The Great Santini (1979), The Natural (1984), Lonesome Dove (1989), The Handmaid's Tale (1990), Days of Thunder (1990), Rambling Rose (1991), an Falling Down (1993).

Duvall began appearin in theatre in the late 1950s, muivin intae telly an film roles during the early 1960s, playin Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) an appearing in Captain Newman, M.D. (1963). (1970) an the lead role in THX 1138 (1971), as weel as Horton Foote's adaptation o William Faulkner's Tomorrow (1972), that wis developit at The Actors Studio an is Duvall's personal favourite.[1] This wis follaed bi a series o creetically likit performances in commercially successfu films.

Syne then, Duvall haes continued tae act in baith film an telly wi sic productions as Tender Mercies (1983), The Natural (1984), Colors (1988), the telly miniseries Lonesome Dove (1989), Stalin (1992), The Man Who Captured Eichmann (1996), Phenomenon (1996), A Family Thing (1996), The Apostle (1997), A Civil Action (1998), Deep Impact (1998), Gone in 60 Seconds (2000), Open Range (2003), Gods and Generals (2003), Secondhand Lions (2003), Broken Trail (2006), Get Low (2010), Jack Reacher (2012), A Night in Old Mexico (2014), The Judge (2014), an Wild Horses (2015).

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