Robbie Coltrane

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Robbie Coltrane
Coltrane in Aprile 2007
Born Anthony Robert McMillan
(1950-03-30) 30 Mairch 1950 (age 69)
Rutherglen, Sooth Lanrikshire, Scotland
Thrift Actor, comedian an author
Years active 1979–present
Hauf-marrae(s) Rhona Gemmell (December 1999–present)
Childer Spencer an Alice

Robbie Coltrane, OBE (born Anthony Robert McMillan; 30 Mairch 1950) is a Scots actor, comedian an author that is maist kent fur playin the hauf-giant Hagrid in the fantasie films Harry Potter an fur playin in the James Bond film Goldeneye an in the televeesion series Cracker.