Rincón de Romos

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Rincón de Romos
Municipality location in Aguascalientes
Municipality location in Aguascalientes
Rincón de Romos is located in Mexico
Rincón de Romos
Rincón de Romos
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 22°14′N 102°19′W / 22.233°N 102.317°W / 22.233; -102.317
Kintra Mexico
MunicipalityRincón de Romos
 • Total25,815

Rincón de Romos is a ceety in the Mexican state o Aguascalientes. Locatit at 22°14′N 102°19′W / 22.233°N 102.317°W / 22.233; -102.317 in the northren pairt o the state, it serves as the municipal seat o the surroondin municipality o Rincón de Romos.

The ceety reportit a 2005 census population o 25,815 indwallers, the fowert-lairgest community in the state. Maist o the indwallers o Rincón de Romos are Catholic. Rincón de Romos celebrates a "Fiesta" tae the Señor de las Angustias on Januar wi dances an pyrotechnic gemmes. Thare is a kirk tae him dountoun. Maist o the locals wirk as teachers. The ceety wis ance hame tae a priest namit Padre Nieves who fowk believit made miracles. He haes a kirk in the ceety, an mony fowk go tae Rincón de Romos tae pray for miracles. Rincón de Romos haes the biggest landwart hospital ruled bi the govrenment o Aguascalientes.

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