El Llano Municipality

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El Llano
Municipality location in Aguascalientes
Municipality location in Aguascalientes
El Llano is locatit in Mexico
El Llano
El Llano
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 21°55′N 101°58′W / 21.917°N 101.967°W / 21.917; -101.967
Kintra  Mexico
State Aguascalientes
Municipal seat Palo Alto
 • Total 200 sq mi (500 km2)
Population (2010)
 • Tot 18,828

El Llano is a municipality in the Mexican state o Aguascalientes. It staunds at 21°55′N 101°58′W / 21.917°N 101.967°W / 21.917; -101.967.

The municipality population wis reportit at 18,828 inhabitants in the 2010 census an 17,115 for 2005.

The municipal seat is the ceety o Palo Alto.

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