Richard Smalley

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Richard Errett Smalley
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Born 6 Juin 1943(1943-06-06)
Akron, Ohio
Died 28 October 2005(2005-10-28) (aged 62)
Houston, Texas
Alma mater

Varsity o Michigan

Princeton varsity
Kent for buckminsterfullerene
Awairds Irving Langmuir Awaird (1991)
E. O. Lawrence Awaird (1991)
Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1996)
Scientific career
Institutions Rice Varsity

Richard Errett Smalley (Juin 6, 1943 – October 28, 2005) wis the Gene an Norman Hackerman Professor o Chemistry an a Professor o Pheesics an Astronomy at Rice Varsity, in Houston, Texas.