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Coordinates: 53°14′48″N 4°20′26″W / 53.246668°N 4.340498°W / 53.246668; -4.340498

Pen Rhiw Estate, Rhostrehwfa - geograph.org.uk - 887540.jpg
Rhostrehwfa is locatit in Wales2

 Rhostrehwfa shown within Wales
Principal aurie Anglesey
Ceremonial county Gwynedd
Kintra Wales
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Polis North Wales
Fire North Wales
Ambulance Welsh
EU Pairlament Wales
Leet o places

Rhostrehwfa is a veelage in soothren-central Anglesey, locatit soothwast o Llangefni. Tae the sootheast is the Malltraeth Marsh. It is "situatit at a prominent point on the crest o a ridge owerleukin the River Cefni glen tae the sooth."[1]It contains the Capel Pisgah an several holiday cottages.

Capel Pisgah (Baptist)
Cefncwmwd, Rhostrehwfa

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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