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Rehoboam depictit on a fragment o the waw paintin oreeginally in the Great Cooncil Chamber o Basel Toun Haw, but nou kept at the Kunstmuseum Basel.

Rehoboam (pronounced /ˌrəˈb.əm/; Hebrew: רְחַבְעָם, Modren Reẖav'am, Tiberian Rəḥaḇʻām, meaning "he who enlarges the people"; Greek: Ροβοαμ; Laitin: Roboam) wis, accordin tae the Ebreu Bible, initially king o the Unitit Monarchy o Israel but efter the ten northren tribes o Israel rebelled in 932/931 BC tae form the independent Kinrick o Israel he wis king o the Kinrick o Judah, or soothren kinrick.