Qin Shi Huang

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Qin Shi Huang
Keeng o Qin
Ring7 Mey 247 BC – 220 BC
PredecessorKeeng Zhuangxiang
Emperor o Cheenae
Ring220 BC – 10 September 210 BC[1]
SuccessorQin Er Shi
Born18 Februar 259 BC
Dee'd10 September 210 BC (aged 49)
IssueCroun Prince Fusu
Qin Er Shi
Prince Gao
Prince Jianglü
Full name
Auncestral name: Ying ()
Clan name: Zhao ()
Gien name: Zheng ()
FaitherKing Zhuangxiang
MitherQueen Dowager Zhao

Qin Shi Huang (Cheenese: 秦始皇; leeterally: "First Emperor of Qin" Aboot this soondpronunciation ; 18 Februar 259 BC – 10 September 210 BC) wis the foonder o the Qin dynasty (秦朝) an wis the first emperor o a unifee'd Cheenae. He wis born Ying Zheng (嬴政) or Zhao Zheng (趙政), a prince o the state o Qin. He becam the King Zheng o Qin (秦王政) whan he wis thirteen, then Cheenae's first emperor whan he wis 38 efter the Qin haed conquered aw o the ither Warrin States an unified aw o Cheenae in 221 BC.[2] Raither nor maintain the teetle o "keeng" borne bi the previous Shang an Zhou rulers, he ruled as the First Emperor (始皇帝) o the Qin dynasty frae 220 tae 210 BC. His sel-inventit teetle "emperor" (皇帝, Aboot this soondhuángdì), as indicatit bi his uise o the wird "First", wad conteena tae be borne bi Cheenese rulers for the next twa millennia.

In his reign, his generals greatly expandit the size o the Cheenese state: campaigns sooth o Chu permanently addit the Yue lands o Hunan an Guangdong tae the Cheenese cultural orbit; campaigns in Central Asie conquered the Ordos Loop frae the nomad Xiongnu, awtho eventually it wad an aa lead tae thair confederation unner Modu Chanyu. Qin Shi Huang an aa wirked wi his meenister Li Si tae enact major economic an poleetical reforms aimed at the staundardisation o the diverse practices o the earlier Cheenese states.[2] He is tradeetionally said tae hae banned an birned mony beuks an executit scholarts, tho a closer examination renders the accoont doutfu.[3] His public warks projects includit the unification o diverse state waws intae a single Great Waw o Cheenae an a massive new naitional road seestem, as well as the ceety-sized mausoleum gairdit bi the life-sized Terracotta Airmy. He ruled till his daith in 210 BC efter a futile sairch for an elixir o immortality.

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