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Puntagorda is located in Canary Islands
Location in Canary Islands
Coordinates: 28°46′30″N 17°58′40″W / 28.77500°N 17.97778°W / 28.77500; -17.97778Coordinates: 28°46′30″N 17°58′40″W / 28.77500°N 17.97778°W / 28.77500; -17.97778
Autonomous commontyCanary Islands
ProvinceSanta Cruz de Tenerife
IslandLa Palma
 • Total31.10 km2 (12.01 sq mi)
 • Total2,057
 • Density66/km2 (170/sq mi)

Puntagorda is a veelage an a municipality in the northwastren pairt o the island o La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain. It is situatit 23 km northwast o Santa Cruz de la Palma. The municipality consists o a nummer o smaw veelages, tot population 2,057 (2013[2]). The aurie is 31.10 km².[1] The elevation o the veelage is aroond 700 m. The elevation o the municipality ranges frae sea level tae ower 2000 m.

Fermlands dominate the middle altitudes aroond the veelage, mainly smawhaudins an orange an avocado orchards. Abuin the veelage are the vinyairds producin the local Traviesa wine which wan a Spainyie naitional gowd medal in 2004. Faur up the slopes o the Caldera de Taburiente are forests o Canary Island pine. The steep clints o the coastline are a protectit aurie o ootstaundin naitural brawness. Thare is access tae a smaw seawatter puil via 460 steps. Puntagorda is weel kent for its awmond trees which blossom in Januar an Februar. The festival o the flouerin awmonds is held ivery year at the end o Januar or beginnin o Februar. Thare is a fermers mercat ivery weekend wi fresh local produce in the Mercadillo.

Historical population[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Population
1991 1,802
1996 1,798
2001 1,675
2002 1,823
2003 1,789
2004 1,708
2005 1,795
2006 1,962
2007 1,974
2008 1,955
2009 2,108
2013 2,057

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