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Principality o Hutt River

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Principality of Hutt River

Banner o PHR
Seal o PHR
Anthem"It's a Hard Land" bi Keith Kerwin
Location o PHR
Location28°4′28″S 114°28′14.5″E / 28.07444°S 114.470694°E / -28.07444; 114.470694
Offeecial leidsInglis
(offeecial leid)
French, Esperanto
(per constitution)
Ethnic groups
Anglo-Celtic Australies, Australie Aborigines (Nunda Tribe)
Demonym(s)Hutt Riverian
Organisational structurPrincipality
• Prince
Graeme I
• Declared
21 Apryle 1970
Aurie claimed
• Total
75 km2 (29 sq mi)
Purportit currencyHutt River Dollar, tee'd 1:1 wi Australie dollar
Time zoneUTC+08:00

The Principality o Hutt River, previously kent as the Hutt River Province, is the auldest micronaition in Australie. The principality claims tae be an unthirlt sovereign state an tae hae achievit legal status on 21 Apryle 1970, awtho it remains unrecognised bi Australie an ither naitions. The principality is locatit 517 km (354 mi) north o Perth, near the toun o Northampton in the state o Wastren Australie. If considered unthirlt, it is an enclave o Australie. It is a regional tourist attraction.[1]

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