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Henrietta of Ingland
Duchess o Orléans
French School - Henrietta of England, Duchess of Orléans with Cupid - Croft Castle.jpg
Henrietta o Ingland with Cupid.
Born 16 Juin 1644
Bedford House, Exeter, Ingland
Dee'd 30 Juin 1670(1670-06-30) (aged 26)
Château de Saint Cloud, Fraunce
Buirial 4 Julie 1670
Ryal Basilica, Saint Denis, Fraunce
Spouse Philippe o Fraunce, Duke o Orléans
Issue Marie Louise, Queen o Spain
Anne Marie, Queen o Sardinie
Full name
Henrietta Anne Stuart
Hoose Suart (bi birth)
Orléans (bi mairiage)
Faither Charles I o Ingland
Mither Henrietta Maria o Fraunce
Releegion Kirk o Ingland
Roman Catholic

Princess Henrietta o Ingland (Henrietta Anne;16 Juin 1644 (26 Juin n.s.) – 30 Juin 1670) wis born a Princess o Ingland an Scotland as the youngest daughter o Keeng Charles I o Ingland. She wis named Henrietta in honour o her mither Henrietta Maria o Fraunce, an Anne in honour o her aunt (an future mither-in-law Anne o Austrick. Louise de La Vallière an Madame de Montespan war pairt o her household prior tae bein Louis XIV's mistresses

Faimily[eedit | eedit soorce]

She wis the youngest daughter o Keeng Charles I o Ingland. Throu her mither she weis a first cousin o Keeng Louis XIV o Fraunce, The Prince o Asturies. An a neice o the Queen o Spain, an the Duchess o Savoy tae.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Haein fled Ingland wi her mither Queen Henrietta Maria she wad l,ive in Fraunce as the guest o her cousin, the young Keeng Louis XIV. It wis then suggestit that the young Henrietta mairy her first cousin Philippe o Fraunce, Duke o Orléans, kent at the French ryal coort simply as Monsieur. The couple wad mairy on 31 Mairch 1661 at the Palais Royal, in Paris. As a result o the mairiage, Henrietta (kent in Fraunce as Henriette) wad be styled as Madame, Duchess o Orléans. The couple wad hae three childer, the eldest o whom wad be the mither o the future Louis XV o Fraunce.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Marie Louise d'Orléans (26 Mairch 1662 – 12 Februar 1689) mairit Charles II o Spain, no childer.
  2. Philippe Charles d'Orléans, Duke o Valois (16 Julie 1664 – 8 December 1666) died in infancy.
  3. Stillborn daughter (9 Julie 1665);
  4. Anne Marie d'Orléans (27 August 1669 – 26 August 1728) mairit Victor Amadeus II, Duke o Savoy an haed childer (were grandparents o Louis XV)

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