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The Main Page o the Portuguese Wikipaedia.
Teep o steid
Internet encyclopaedia project
Available in Portuguese
Heidquarters Miami, Florida
Awner Wikimedia Foundation
Slogan(s) a enciclopédia livre que todos podem editar
Wabsteid pt.wikipedia.org
Commercial Nae
Registration Optional

The Portuguese Wikipaedia (Portuguese: "Wikipédia em português" or "Wikipédia lusófona") is the Portuguese leid edeetion o Wikipaedia (written Wikipédia, in Portuguese), the free encyclopaedia. It wis stairtit on 11 Mey 2001.[1] It is currently (Julie 2015) the thirteent lairgest Wikipaedia bi airticle coont, conteenin 1,000,084 airticles.

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