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Geografie is the science that studies the lands, the featurs, the indwallers, an the phenomena o the Yird. A leeteral translation would be "tae describe or write aboot the Yird". The first person tae uise the wird "geografie" wis Eratosthenes (276–194 BC). Fower historical tradeetions in geographical research are the spatial analysis o the naitural an the human phenomena (geografie as the study o distribution), the aurie studies (places and regions), the study o the human-land relationship, and research in the Earth sciences. Modren geografie is an aw-encompassin discipline that foremaist seeks tae unnerstaund the Yird an aw o its human an naitural complexities—nae merely whaur objects are, but hou thay hae chynged an come tae be. Geografie haes been cried "the warld discipline" an "the brig atween the human an the pheesical science". Geografie is dividit intae twa main branches: human geografie an pheesical geografie.

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Geography categories
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