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Polykarp Kusch

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Polykarp Kusch
Born26 Januar 1911(1911-01-26)
Blankenburg, Destrict o Blankenburg, Duchy o Brunswick, German Empire
Dee'd20 Mairch 1993(1993-03-20) (aged 82)
Dallas, Texas, Unitit States
Alma materVarsity o Illinois, Case Western Reserve Varsity
Kent forMeisurt the magnetic moment o the electron
AwairdsNobel Prize in Pheesics (1955)
Scientific career
InstitutionsVarsity o Texas at Dallas
Columbia Varsity
Doctoral advisorFrancis Wheeler Loomis
Notable studentsGordon Gould

Polykarp Kusch (Januar 26, 1911 – Mairch 20, 1993) wis a German-American pheesicist. In 1955, the Nobel Committee gae a dividit Nobel Prize for Pheesics, wi ane hauf tae going tae Kusch for his accurat determination that the magnetic moment o the electron wis greater nor its theoretical value, sicweys leadin tae reconseederation o—an innovations in—quantum electrodynamics.