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Polo players.jpg
Twa players disputin the baw in a polo match.
Heichest govrenin body Federation o Internaitional Polo
Nickname(s) The Sport o Keengs [1][2]
Achaemenid Empire, 6th century BC [3]
Contact Yes
Team members 4 per side
Mixed gender Yes
Categorization Equestrian, baw gemme, team sport, ootduir
Equipment Baw, stick, horse
Venue Polo field (gress)
Olympic No (syne 1936)
Kintra or region Manipur, Indie.
Argentine Polo Open Championship

Polo (Persie: چوگان‎) is a team sport played on horseback in which the objective is tae score goals against an opposin team. Players score bi drivin a smaa white plastic or widden baw intae the opposin team's goal uisin a lang-haundled mallet.

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