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Breid poke o a Wast German polis schuil o 1962

A poke is a kynd o conteener. It can haud ither things. A poke is uised for cairyin things aroond. It mey be made frae claith, laither, plastic, or paper. A poke mey hae ane or twa haundles or a shouder strap. Pokes come in different shapes an sizes dependin on whit thay will be uised for. A wee poke that can be cairied wi a single haund is whiles cried a haundbag, spleuchan or spung. Bairns can suffocate, or stap braithin an dee, whan thay pit certaint kynds o pokes ower thair heids, due tae haein the supply o oxygen snibbit.

A poke makkit oot o plastic is cried a poly-poke or a plastipoke.