Playa Santiago

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Playa Santiago
Coordinates: 28°01′45″N 17°11′48″W / 28.02917°N 17.19667°W / 28.02917; -17.19667Coordinates: 28°01′45″N 17°11′48″W / 28.02917°N 17.19667°W / 28.02917; -17.19667
Kintra Spain
Autonomous commonty Canary Islands
Province Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Island La Gomera
 • Total989

Playa Santiago (kent as Playa de Santiago an aw) is a smaw toun on the sooth coast o the island o La Gomera in the Canary Islands. It is split atween twa municipalities, Alajeró an San Sebastian. The pairt athin the municipality o Alajero is the lairgest dounset in that municipality, wi about hauf the population (989/1954 in 2005).

The fish factory in Playa Santiago, which uised tae can tuna an sardines, shut doun as fish stocks dwindled, awtho thare are still a few remainin fishin boats, whose catch is frozen for transport. Thare is a boat repair yard in the port, but thare is nae langer a ferry. The Garajonay Exprės ferry ran frae Valle Gran Rey via Santiago tae San Sebastián de la Gomera an on tae Los Cristianos, frae 2002 tae 2008, but ceased due tae a lack o govrenment subsidy.[1] A replacement ferry operatit bi Fred. Olsen, the Benchi Express, ceased operation in Februar 2012.

La Gomera Airport (IATA: GMZICAO: GCGM) lees 3 km frae Santiago.

Playa Santiago haes a fairly safe pebble beach, an a hotel an a nummer o apairtments, rooms an restaurants.

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