La Gomera

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This airticle is aboot the Spainyie Canary Island. For ither uisses, see La Gomera (disambiguation).
La Gomera
Flag of La Gomera.svg
Location Atlantic Ocean
Coordinates 28°06′N 17°08′W / 28.100°N 17.133°W / 28.100; -17.133
Airchipelagae Canary Islands
Aurie 369.76 km2 (142.77 sq mi)
Heichest elevation 1,487 m (4,879 ft)
Heichest point Garajonay
Autonomous commonty Canary Islands
Province Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Lairgest settlement San Sebastián de la Gomera (pop. 8451)
Population 21,952 (2006)

La Gomera (pronoonced: [la ɣoˈmeɾa]) is ane o Spain's Canary Islands, locatit in the Atlantic Ocean aff the coast o Africae. In aurie, it is the seicont-smawest o the seiven main islands o this group.

Poleetical organization[eedit | eedit soorce]

La Gomera is pairt o the province o Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is dividit intae sax municipalities:

The island govrenment (cabildo insular) is locatit in the caipital, San Sebastián.