PlayStation 2

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PlayStation 2
A Slimline PS2 (left) an an Oreeginal style PS2 wi a DualShock 2 controller (richt)
A Slimline PS2 (left) an an Oreeginal style PS2 wi a DualShock 2 controller (richt).
Manufacturer Sony Computer Entertainment
Kynd Video gemme console
Generation Saxt-generation
Faimily PlayStation

64-bit "Emotion Engine" clocked at

  • 294.912 MHz (launch)
  • 299 MHz (newer models)
GPU "Graphics Synthesizer" clocked at 147.456 MHz
  • 2 × USB 1.1
  • 1 × IEEE 1394 (Oreeginal model ae)
  • 1 × IDE (Oreeginal model ae)
  • Ethernet (Oreeginal model requires adapter)
  • IrDA (Slim model ae)
  • 2 × controller ports.
Units selt 147.6 million (as o November 2010)[1]
Appen October 2004 – present
Controllers DualShock 2
Media DVD, CD
Predecessor PlayStation
Successor PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 2 (プレイステーション2; Pureisutēshon Tsū), offeecially abbreviatit PS2, is a saxt-generation video gemme console manufactured bi Sony. The successor tae the PlayStation, an the predecessor tae the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 2 forms pairt o the PlayStation series o video gemme consoles. Its development wis annoonced in Mairch 1999 an it wis released a year later in Japan. Its primary competitors weur Sega's Dreamcast, Microsoft's Xbox, an Nintendo's GameCube.

The PS2 is the best-sellin console tae date, haein reached ower 140 million units sauld as o 30 September 2009.[2] In late 2009, wi developers creatin new gemmes an the console still sellin steadily amaist a decade efter its oreeginal release, Sony statit that the life cycle o the PlayStation 2 will continue till demand ceases.[3]

In 2009, IGN named the PlayStation 2 as the third best video gemme console o aw time, oot o a field o 25.[4]

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