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Dreamcast logo.svg
North American Dreamcast with controller and VMU
Manufacturer Sega
Type Video gemme console
Generation Saxt generation
Release date
          Discontinued Mairch 30, 2001
          Units sauld Worldwide: 10.6 million[1]
          Media CD, 1.2 GB GD-ROM
          CPU Hitachi SH4 32-bit RISC clocked at 200 MHz
          Storage capacity VMU
          Memory RAM 16 MB, GPU 8 MB
          Graphics 100 MHz PowerVR2 CLX2
          Online services SegaNet, GameSpy (NA)
          Dreamarena (Europe)
          Best-sellin gemme Sonic Adventure, 2.5 million (as o Juin 2006)[2]
          Predecessor Sega Saturn

          The Dreamcast (ドリームキャスト, Dorīmukyasuto) is a video gemme console that wis released bi Sega in November 1998 in Japan an later in 1999 in ither territories.

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