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A plainstane or pavement is a paith, for ordinar makkit oot o concrete (parteecular in the Unitit States), asphalt, brick (parteecular in Europe) or stane, designed for pad traffec an aft rinnin langside a gate. In the 19t centurie an aerlie 20t centurie, thay wis makkit o wid. Widden paiths is yet fund at historic strand locations an in conservation areas for tae protect the laund aneath an aboot, cried boardwalks.

The name plainstanes comes frae stane slabs that are whiles uised for a pavement whaur a bonnie leuk is required, as in historic toun centres. In ither stances, pre-cast concrete slabs (cried pavin slabs or, less correctly, pavin stanes) is uised. Thir micht be littit or textured for tae resemmle stane.

Pavements is mair likely in modren urban areas, whaur thay micht abut the gate, nor suburban areas, whaur thay are whiles sindry frae the gate bi a tree or green.