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Coat o arms
Coat airms
Map o Placilla commune in O'Higgins Region
Map o Placilla commune in O'Higgins Region
Location in Chile
Location in Chile
Location in Chile
Coordinates (ceety): 34°38′15″S 71°07′30″W / 34.63750°S 71.12500°W / -34.63750; -71.12500Coordinates: 34°38′15″S 71°07′30″W / 34.63750°S 71.12500°W / -34.63750; -71.12500
CountryChile Chile
RegionO'Higgins Region O'Higgins
ProvinceColchagua Province Colchagua
 • TeepMunicipality
 • AlcaldeTulio Contreras Álvarez
 • Total146.9 km2 (56.7 sq mi)
234 m (768 ft)
 (2012 Census)[2]
 • Total8,277
 • Density56/km2 (150/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • landwart
 • Men4,134
 • weemen3,944
Time zoneUTC-4 (CLT [3])
 • Summer (DST)UTC-3 (CLST [4])
Area code(s)(+56) 72
WebsiteMunicipality o Placilla

Placilla is a Chilean toun an commune in Colchagua Province, O'Higgins Region.

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

According tae the 2002 census o the National Statistics Institute, Placilla spans an aurie o 146.9 km2 (57 sq mi) an haes 8,078 inhabitants (4,134 men an 3,944 weemen). o these, 2,114 (26.2%) lived in urban auries an 5,964 (73.8%) in landwart auries. The population grew bi 3.6% (279 persons) atween the 1992 an 2002 censuses.[2]

Administration[eedit | eedit soorce]

As a commune, Placilla is a third-level admeenistrative diveesion o Chile administered bi a municipal cooncil, headed bi an alcalde who is directly electit every four years. The 2012–2016 mayor wis José Joaquín Latorre Muñoz (PDC); Latorre, housomeivver, died as a consequence o a car crash on 22 July 2013. Latorre haed previously held the mayoral office atween 1992 an 2008.[5] He wis succeeded bi Tulio Contreras Álvarez, a member o the local cooncil.

Athin the electoral divisions o Chile, Placilla is representit in the Chamber o Deputies bi Mr. Ramón Barros (UDI) an Mr. Juan Carlos Latorre (PDC) as pairt o the 35t electoral district, (thegither wi Nancagua, Chépica, Santa Cruz, Lolol, Pumanque, Palmilla, Peralillo, Navidad, Litueche, La Estrella, Pichilemu, Marchihue an Paredones). The commune is representit in the Senate bi Andrés Chadwick Piñera (UDI) an Juan Pablo Letelier Morel (PS) as pairt o the 9t senatorial constituency (O'Higgins Region).

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