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Pierre Laval

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Pierre Laval
Pierre Laval (1931)
101st Prime Meenister o Fraunce
In office
27 Januar 1931 – 20 Februar 1932
Precedit biThéodore Steeg
Succeedit biAndré Tardieu
112th Prime Meenister o Fraunce
In office
7 Juin 1935 – 24 Januar 1936
Precedit biFernand Bouisson
Succeedit biAlbert Sarraut
120th Prime Meenister o Fraunce
(as Vice-Preses o the Cooncil)
Heid o State an nominal Heid o Govrenment: Philippe Pétain
In office
11 Julie 1940 – 13 December 1940
Precedit biPhilippe Pétain
Succeedit biPierre Étienne Flandin
123rd Prime Meenister o Fraunce
In office
18 Aprile 1942 – 20 August 1944
Precedit biFrançois Darlan
Succeedit biCharles de Gaulle
Personal details
Born28 Juin 1883(1883-06-28)
Dee'd15 October 1945(1945-10-15) (aged 62)
Poleetical pairtyNone
ReligionRoman Catholic

Pierre Laval (French pronunciation: ​[pjɛʁ laval]; 28 Juin 1883 – 15 October 1945) wis a French politeecian. He wis fower times Preses o the cooncil o meenisters o the Third Republic, twice consecutively.

Follaein Fraunce's surrender an Airmistice wi Germany in 1940, he servit twice in the Vichy Regime as heid o govrenment. He signed orders permittin the deportation o foreign Jews frae French sile tae the Nazi daith camps.

Efter Liberation (1945), Laval wis arrestit bi the French govrenment unner General Charles de Gaulle, foond guilty o heich traison, an executit bi firin squad. The controversy surroondin his poleetical activities haes generatit a dozen biografies.