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Vichy Fraunce

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French State

État Français
Emblem o the Chief o State o Vichy Fraunce
Emblem o the
Chief o State
Motto: "Travail, Famille, Patrie"
"Wirk, Faimily, Faitherland"
Anthem"La Marseillaise" (offeecial)

"Maréchal, nous voilà![2]
Marshal, here we are!  (unoffeecial)
The French State in 1942: *   French State *   French State, German militar occupation zone *   French protectorates
The French State in 1942:
  •   French State
  •   French State, German militar occupation zone
  •   French protectorates
The gradual loss o aw Vichy territory tae Free Fraunce an the Axis. Click on cairt for colour legend
The gradual loss o aw Vichy territory tae Free Fraunce an the Axis pouers. Legend.
StatusClient state o Nazi Germany (1940–42)
Puppet govrenment o Nazi Germany (1942–44)
CaipitalVichy (de facto)
Parisa (de jure)
Common leidsFrench
GovrenmentProveesional govrenment (de jure)
Authoritarian/corporatist single-pairty state (de facto)
Chief o State 
• 1940–1944
Philippe Pétain
Prime Meenister 
• 1940–1942
Philippe Pétain
• 1942–1944
Pierre Laval
LegislaturNaitional Assembly
Historical eraWarld War II
22 Juin 1940
• Pétain gien full pouers
10 Julie 1940
8 November 1942
11 November 1942
simmer 1944
• Disestablished
• Captur o the Sigmaringen enclave
22 Aprile 1945
CurrencyFrench franc
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
French Third Republic
Proveesional Govrenment o the French Republic
  1. Paris remained the formal caipital o the French State, althou the Vichy govrenment never operatit frae thare.
  2. Althou the French Republic's institutions war offeecially maintained, the wird "Republic" never occurred in ony offeecial document o the Vichy govrenment.

Vichy Fraunce is the common name o the French State (État français), follaeing its relocation tae the toun o Vichy, heidit bi Marshal Philippe Pétain frae 1940 tae 1944 during Warld War II.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. "Ordonnance du 9 août 1944 relative au rétablissement de la légalité républicaine sur le territoire continental – Version consolidée au 10 août 1944" [Law of August 9, 1944 Concerning the Reestablishment of the Legally Constituted Republic on the Mainland - Consolidated Version of August 10, 1944]. gouv.fr. Legifrance. 9 August 1944. Archived frae the original on 16 Julie 2009. Retrieved 21 October 2015. Article 1: The form of the Government of France is and remains the Republic. By law it has not ceased to exist.
    Article 2: The following are therefore null and void: all legislative or regulatory acts as well as all actions of any description whatsoever taken to execute them, promulgated in Metropolitan France after 16 June 1940 and until the restoration of the Provisional Government of the French Republic. This nullification is hereby expressly declared and must be noted.
    Article 3. The following acts are hereby expressly nullified and held invalid: The so-called "Constitutional Law of 10 July 1940; as well as any laws called 'Constitutional Law';...
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