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City of Phitsanulok
Phitsanulok skyline from the Grand Riverside Hotel
Phitsanulok skyline from the Grand Riverside Hotel
Official seal of Phitsanulok
Song Khwae (The two rivers)
Phitsanulok is located in Thailand
Location in Thailand
Coordinates: 16°48′57″N 100°15′49″E / 16.81583°N 100.26361°E / 16.81583; 100.26361Coordinates: 16°48′57″N 100°15′49″E / 16.81583°N 100.26361°E / 16.81583; 100.26361
DistrictMueang Phitsanulok
 • TeepCity Municipality
 • MayorBoonsong Tanthani
 • City Municipality18.26 km2 (7.05 sq mi)
 • Metro
751 km2 (290 sq mi)
51 m (167 ft)
 • City Municipality66,106
 • Density3,600/km2 (9,400/sq mi)
 • Metro
 • Metro density390/km2 (1,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Calling code(+66) 55
Chief roadwayRoute 12
Chief watercourseNan River
Chief airportPhitsanulok Airport

Phitsanulok (Thai: พิษณุโลก, pronounced [pʰíú.lôːk]) is an important an historic ceety in lawer northren Thailand an is the caipital o Phitsanulok Province, which stretches aw the wey tae the Laotian border.

Phitsanulok is ane o the auldest ceeties in Thailand, foondit ower 600 years ago.[3] It is probably best kent as the birthplace o King Naresuan, who freed the kintra frae Burmese domination in the late 16t Yearhunner, an his brither an successor King Ekathosarot (Sanpet III).[citation needit]

As the cross-road atween the northren an central regions o the kintra, it haes lang been important baith for poleetical an strategic reasons, an wis focht ower mony times in yearhunners past.[citation needit]

Phitsanulok wis the caipital o Thailand for 25 years durin the reign o King Boromma Trailokanat o Ayutthaya. Locatit on the banks o the Nan River, the ceety wis oreeginally a sma Khmer ootpost kent as Sang Kwae, afore the Khwae Noi River chynged its course in the 11t Century A.D. Phitsanulok wis an' a' a provincial centre o the Angkorian Empire durin the Angkorian period.[4]

Phitsanulok is hame tae Naresuan University an Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University, as well as tae a major Ryal Thai Airmy base.[2]

Etymology[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Sang Khwae-The first element, 'sang', means the nummer twa. The seicont element, 'khwae', means tributary. A loose translation o the entire name wad be Twa Rivers.
  • Phitsanulok-The first element, 'Phitsanu' (Thai: พิษณุ), is a cognate o Vishnu, a Hindu god (see, e.g. Witnu, Thai: วิษณุ). Lack o a v soond in the Thai leid accoonts for the twa forms. The seicont element, 'lok' (Thai: โลก,) means globe o warld. A loose translation o the entire name wad be Vishnu's Heaven.

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