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Perodua Kenari

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An auld fascia Perodua Kenari EZ wi normal trims.

The Perodua Kenari is a sma five-seat compact caur or supermini caur produced bi the Malaysian automotive company Perodua. The Kenari is based on the first an seicont generation Daihatsu Move kei caur (minicaur) but is pouered bi a 1.0 litre DOHC ingine. In 2004, the Perodua Kenari wis gien a new fascia wi flush heidlichts. The sale o the Kenari haes been discontinued in 2009. The name Kenari is a Malay name for canary.

Variants[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Kenari wis affered as ony ane o several versions:

  • The Kenari GX/EZ, available in manual (GX) or automatic (EZ) transmissions wi normal stylins. The GX variant wis the first iteration o the Kenari tae be release, but is no langer available for sale frae Perodua. In the past thare an' a' a mair basic version came simply wi a solit body colour wi unpaintit front an rear bumpers.
  • Kenari AERO GX/EZ, available in manual (GX) or automatic (EZ) transmissions wi an aero kits.
  • Kenari RS, sauld wi sporty accessories seemilar tae the Daihatsu Move Custom but available ae wi an automatic transmission.

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