Perodua Rusa

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A late-1990s/early 2000s Perodua Rusa (the oreeginal Rusa van).

The Perodua Rusa is a microvan manufactured bi Malaysian automaker Perodua, an based on the Daihatsu Zebra an Daihatsu Hijet Maxx. Launcht on Mairch 6, 1996, wi a 1.3 litre ingine, follaed bi the 1.6 litre range on Mey 14, 1997, the Rusa is the first van tae be produced bi a Malaysian automotive company.

Three variations o Rusa vans are affered: The CX (1.3 litre, twa seat version), the EX (1.3 litre, five seat version) an the GX (1.6 litre, seiven seat version). The CX is primarily intendit tae serve as a freight vehicle, while the EX an GX are intendit for private uise. The van is an aa uised bi Malaysian police an fire fechtin forces.

The vehicle's name "Rusa" is a Malay translation o "Deer". Later replaced bi the Perodua logo, the van's oreeginal logo wis a gallopin deer.

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