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Perineum of a female.jpg
A female perineum
HQ SAM P1.jpg
A male perineum
System Musculoskeletal system
Artery Perineal artery, dorsal artery o the penis an deep artery o the penis
Nerve Perineal nerve, posterior scrotal nerves, dorsal nerve o the penis or dorsal nerve o clitoris
Lymph Primarily superficial inguinal lymph nodes
Laitin Perineum, perinaeum
TA A09.5.00.001
FMA 9579
Anatomical terminology

In human anatomy, the perineum (/pɛrəˈnəm/;[1] Late Laitin, frae Greek περίνεος - perineos[2]) is a region o the body includin the perineal /pɛrəˈnəl/ body an surroondin structurs. Thare is some variability in hou the boondaries are defined.[3] Accordin tae some definitions, in females it is locatit atween the vagina an anus an in males atween the scrotum an anus.

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