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For the Penedès wine region, see Penedès (DO).
Penedès region (in blue) an Penedès DO (in blue an green) athin Catalonie.

Penedès (Catalan pronunciation: [pənəˈðɛs]) is a naitural an historical region o the autonomous commonty o Catalonie, Spain. It is locatit in the sooth o the Principality o Catalonie atween the pre-coastal muntain range (Serralada Pre-litoral) an the Mediterranean Sea. The comarcal diveesion o the Generalitat de Catalunya in 1936 an 1987, dividit Penedès intae three admeenistrative comarques: Alt Penedès, Baix Penedès an Garraf, an their caipitals are Vilafranca del Penedès, el Vendrell an Vilanova i la Geltrú.

Frae the historical point o view, Penedès wis syne the stairt o the nint century a border region inside the coonty o Barcelona, which haed its centre in the umwhile militar toun Olèrdola, fortifee'd again acause o the Christian advance in 929. Olèrdola lost its defensive significance an the caipital in the seicont hauf o the twalt century an then Vilafranca del Penedès became the caipital. Durin the thirteent century formit the Vegueria o Vilafranca includin aw Penedès an maist o Anoia as the sots-vegueria o Igualada.

The provincial diveesion o the 1833 divide the region atween the provinces o Barcelona, which includes Alt Penedès an Garraf, an the province o Tarragona, which includes Baix Penedès.[1]

Wine production[eedit | eedit soorce]

Penedès is a wine-producin region haein a Spainyie Denominació d'Origen (DO). Penedès DO includes aw Penedès region an municipalities o fower ither comarques: Anoia, Alt Camp, Baix Llobregat an Tarragonès. The aurie is framit bi the coastal hills o the Serra del Garraf an the heicher inland muntains which skirt the Catalan Central Depression. Lang considered ane o the kintra's best wine-producin regions efter the Rioja, it is ane o the maist auncient viticultural auries in Europe an aw. Perhaps better-kent for its Cava production, a spairklin wine which haes haed its awn Denominació d'Origen syne 1991, white grape varieties predominate, awtho the region produces some heichly regardit, oak-agit reds an aw.

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