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This is aboot the Iranian car. For the Iranian fitba club based in Tehran, see Paykan F.C.. For the Iranian Kaman class missile boat see Iranian missile boat Paykan
A Paykan seen here in the kintraside.

The Paykan (Persien:پيکان) wis an automobile produced bi the Iranian company Iran Khodro (formerly cried "Iran National") Industrial Group. The car wis very popular in Iran frae the late 1960s tae the late 1990s. It is eften referred tae as the Iranian "chariot".

The Paykan design wis based on the 1967 Hillman Hunter, which wis oreeginally designed an manufactured bi the Breetish Rootes Group.

The design wis introduced tae Iran bi Mahmoud Khayami, co-founder an, bi then, ainer o the Iran Khodro (formerly cried "Iran National") company an factory, who accurately predicted that Iran wis in need o a semple "no-frills" automobile within the price range o ordinary folk.

In 1967, Rootes began exporting Hunters tae Iran Khodro in "complete knock down" (CKD) kit form, for assembly in Iran. In 1972 it seemed that every car in Iran wis a Paykan. Bi the mid 1970s, full scale manufacture o the car, less the ingine, haed stairtit in Iran.

In 1978, Peugeot teuk ower the Rootes company efter it collapsed unner the ainership o Chrysler Europe; a year later Peugeot ended Hunter production. Thereafter, the Paykan's ingine production tooling wis moved tae Iran an wis in full-scale manufacture unner Peugeot license until 2005.

Awtho Paykan wis based on an auld 1966 model, thare war mony changes an modifications made tae it ower the years, notably the substitution, for the oreeginal 1725 cc Rootes ingine, o a Peugeot 504-derived unit. The modifications tae the exterior included a new stock body kit, heid an tail lichts.

The Iranian govrenment reportedly offered Iran Khodro a lairge cash incentive tae end Paykan production bi 2005, labeling the car as an environmental hazard acause o its unacceptably heich fuel consumption. During its last years the order backlog wis nearly twa years lang.

The Samand, commonly referred tae as the "New Paykan", is currently bein produced bi Iran Khodro as a modren substitute for the Paykan cless o cars. In 2005, Iran Khodro annoonced that it haed sauld the discontinued Paykan's automobile production line tae the Khartoum Transportation Company in Sudan, while auto-pairts production for the Paykan still continues bi third pairty manufacturers in Iran.

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