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Rootes Arrow

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1972 Hillman Hunter GLS
1972 Hillman Hunter GLS

Rootes Arrow wis the manufacturer's name for a range o caurs produced unner several badge-ingineered marques bi the Rootes Group (later Chrysler Europe) frae 1966 tae 1979. It is amangst the last Rootes designs, developed wi nae influence frae future awner Chrysler. The range is sometimes referred tae bi the name o the maist prolific model, the Hillman Hunter.

A substantial number o separate marque an model names applied tae this single caur platform. Some wur gien different model names tae juistify trim differences (Hillman GT, Hillman Estate) an that frae time tae time all models wur selt in some European markets unner the Sunbeam marque (Sunbeam Sceptre for instance), an at ither times uised UK marque/model names. To add complication, Singer Gazelle/Vogue models wur also selt in the UK for ane saison badged as Sunbeams efter the Singer brand wis wi'drawn.

The models selt – no all concurrently – wur, alphabetically bi marque:

The maist prolific model wi'in the Arrow range, the Hillman Hunter, wis the Coventry-based company's major competitor in the medium family caur segment. In its 13-year production run, its UK market contemporaries includit the Ford Cortina, Morris Marina an Vauxhall Victor, although model positionin wi'in the range meant competition wi some lairger caurs as well, includin the BMC ADO17.

The Arrow range extendit tae several body styles: saloon, estate, fastback coupé an a pick-up (selt mainly in Sooth Africae as the Dodge Husky). Depending on the model, they haed twa doors or fower doors. Not all marques wur representit in all body styles, wi the coupés being reserved for Sunbeam.