Paris Pişmiş

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Marie Paris Pişmiş de Recilas (30 Januar 1911 – 1 August 1999) wis a Turkis-Mexican astronomer o Armenie strynd.

Pişmiş wis born Mari Sukiasyan in 1911, in Ortaköy, Istanbul. In 1937, she became the first wumman tae get a Ph.D. frae the Science Faculty o Istanbul University. Her advisor wis Erwin Finlay Freundlich. Later, she went tae Harvard University whaur she met her futur husband Félix Recillas, a Mexican mathematician. Thay settled in Mexico, an she became the first profeesional astronomer in Mexico.[1] Accordin tae Dorrit Hoffleit, "she is the ane body maist influential in establishin Mexico’s importance in astronomical education an research".

For mair nor 50 years she wirkit at UNAM which awairdit her a nummer o prizes includin the "Science Teaching Prize".

Pişmiş studiet amang ithers the kinematics o galaxies, H II nebulae, the structur o open starn clusters an planetar nebulae. She compiee'd the catalogue Pismis o 22 open clusters an 2 globular clusters in the soothren hemisphere.[2]

In 1998, she published an autobiografie entitled "Reminiscences in the Life of Paris Pişmiş: a Woman Astronomer". She dee'd in Mexico Ceety in 1999. Accordin tae her wish, she wis crematit. Her dochter Elsa Recillas is an astrophysicist.

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