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Palekh (Roushie: Па́лех) is an urban locality (a dounset) an the admeenistrative centre o Palekhsky Destrict o Ivanovo Oblast, Roushie. Population: 5,337 (2010 Census);[1] 5,814 (2002 Census);[2] 6,202 (1989 Census).[3]

Palekh haes a vera lang history in Roushie iconografie, the airt o paintin Roushie Orthodox icons for hames an kirks. The veelage emergit as a leadin centre o Roushie icon- an mural-paintin in the nineteent century.

A guid example o the Palekh schuil are the murals an icons frae the Kirk o the Exaltation o the Cross (built in 1762–1774).

The day, Palekh is kent primarily for Palekh miniatur. Follaein the October Revolution wi its ootspoken atheist ideologie, aroond 1923, the Palekh maisters o iconografie began tae paint papier-mâché boxes applyin the same principles they haed learned frae paintin icons. Palekh is the maist renouned o fower such famous veelages, the ithers bein Kholuy, Mstyora, an Fedoskino, each producin similar, but clearly distinct airtistic style.

They uised mainly tempera paints o bricht colors an paintit ower a black backgrund. The wirk usually represents themes frae real life, fairy tales, leeterary wirks, an fowk sangs.

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