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Packard 180

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1941 Packard 180 touring sedan

The Packard 180 wis introduced in 1940 bi the Packard Motor Car Company tae replace the discontinued V-12 as their top-o-the-line luxury model.

The "180" or "One-Eighty" featured an in-line aicht cylinder, 356-cubic-inch (5,830 cc) ingine that developt 160 horsepouer. It wis advertised as the maist pouerful aicht cylinder ingine affered bi ony automobile manufacturer in 1940. (Bi contrast, the Cadillac 346 cubic inch V-8 developt 150 hp) Packard an aa uised this new ingine in their mid-range "160" models.

Packards o aw series (110, 120, 160, 180) shared similar body stylin in 1940 (which some later said led tae a "cheapenin" o the ance-exclusive luxury marque.) Housomeivver, the 180's featured finer interior detailin, fabrics an carpetin. There wur minor stylin changes in the 1941 an 1942 models.

The final 180s rolled aff the Packard assembly line in Februar, 1942, as Warld War II brocht a halt tae civilian automobile production. There hae been rumors that machinery wis transferred tae the Soviet Union, an production continued till 1959 as the ZIS-110. Housomeivver, accordin in James Ward's The Fall of Packard, page 46, he foond nae supportin evidence in the Packard archives o such a transfer. An aa it must be notit that the ZIS-110 shares nae sheet metal wi ony Packard,[1] despite its external decor elements wur intentionally designed tae hivily resemble pre-war Packards, favoured bi Joseph Stalin.

They wur an aa the first caur tae hae pouer windaes.

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