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PAOK's offeecial logo, syne 2013
Full name (Greek: Πανθεσσαλονίκειος Αθλητικός Όμιλος (Κωνσταντινουπολιτών)
(Pan-Thessaloniki Athletic Club o Constantinopolitans)
Nickname(s) Dooble-heidit eagle o the North
Short name PAOK
Foondit 20 Apryle 1926; 93 years ago (1926-04-20)
Ground Toumba Stadium
Thessaloniki, Greece
Ground Capacity 28,803[1]
Ainer Ivan Savvidis[2]
Chairman Ľuboš Micheľ
Manager Vladimir Ivić
League Superleague Greece
2018–19 Superleague Greece, 1t
Wabsteid Club wabsteid

PAOK F.C. (Greek: ΠΑΕ ΠΑΟΚ, Greek pronunciation: [paˈe ˈpaok]), an aa kent as PAOK Thessaloniki or PAOK Salonika, short for Panthessalonikios Athlitikos Omilos Konstantinoupoliton (Greek: Πανθεσσαλονίκειος Αθλητικός Όμιλος Κωνσταντινουπολιτών, transleeteratit Pan-Thessaloniki Athletic Club o Constantinopolitans),[3] an commonly kent as PAOK (Greek: ΠΑΟΚ, pronounced [ˈpaok]), is a professional Greek fitbaw club, a pairt o A.C. PAOK, based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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