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(Reguidit frae Orbit Dance)
Tommy Tuovinen at Myötätuulirock 2011
Background information
OreiginHelsinki, Finland
GenresMelodic daith metal
Years active2004–2015, 2018-
LabelsSpinefarm Records
MembersTommy Tuovinen
Teemu Ylämäki
DJ Locomotive
Eve Kojo
Past membersMatthew
Myötätuulirock 2011

myGRAIN is a melodic daith metal baund frae Helsinki, Finland.


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myGRAIN saw the daylicht in the simmer o 2004, as TommyTuovinen (vocals), Resistor (guitar) an Matthew (guitar) wur standin on the ruins o their umwhile baund, New Science Band. The guys haed been playin thegither since 1999 an as their collaboration still wirked well, why no stairt a new baund wi this lineup. The main idea frae the beginnin wis tae play rough metal wi melodies. DJ Locomotive (drums) an Eve (synths) joined the baund quite suin an myGRAIN's lineup wis amaist finished. Jonas handled the bass for the twa sel-financed demo cds an efter recordin the seicont ane, The Red Frame in Aprile 2005, he permanently joined the baund.

A few weeks efter the recordins o The Red Frame, Spinefarm Records contactit myGRAIN an they inked a deal. The first fruit o their collaboration wis the debut album Orbit Dance, released in Aprile 2006. The debut album consistit o eleiven sangs o modren metal – wi influences o baith Nordic melodic daith metal an the American style. As myGRAIN is considered tae be on its best on live performances, they focused on tourin in Finland as muckle as possible efter the release o Orbit Dance.

They still managed tae write sangs in atween the gigs so in Februar 2008 their seicont album, Signs of Existence, wis released. The album haes developed myGRAIN’s rough but melodic soond intae deeper an mair confident style than iver afore. In Mey 2008, guitarist Matthew left the baund an wis replaced bi Teemu Ylämäki on live performances, who wis appointit on 28 Julie 2008 as a permanent member. It reacht no. 32 on the Finnish chairts.

On 12 Januar 2011, myGRAIN released their sel-titled album. Their first twa muisic video wur shot for the sangs "Of Immortal Aeons" an "Trapped In An Hourglass".

The baund breuke up in Mey 2015.


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Studio albums

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  • Demo 2004 (2004)
  • The Red Frame (2005)


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Feenal members

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  • Tommy Tuovinen (To(mm)yboy) - Vocals
  • Joni Lahdenkauppi - Guitars
  • Teemu Ylämäki (Mr. Downhill) - Guitars, (Misery Inc.)
  • Jonas - Bass
  • DJ Locomotive - Drums, (...And Oceans)
  • Eve Kojo - Keyboard, (Ablaze in Hatred)

Umwhile members

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  • Matthew - Guitar
  • Resistor - Guitar

Freemit airtins

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