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Misery Inc.

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Misery Inc. wis a Finnish metal baund, which wis formed in Myrskylä, Finland, October 2001. First there wis Janne (guitar), Jukka (bass), Jonttu (drums) an Jukkis (vocals). Their oreeginal plan wis tae make muisic athoot ony lead guitars but then it turned oot tae be a bit boring. Teemu joined the baund an so Misery Inc. wur complete.

Debut album "Yesterday's Grave" wis released through ZYX Music 2003. It received amazin feedback frae metal media aw ower an made the baund's name kent in metal scene. Summer 2005 MI signed a deal wi Firebox Records an on Februar 2006 MI proudly present the seicont album "Random End" which really proves that Misery Inc. haes foond their style an are stranger than iver, showin hou their misery is formed intae kick-ass riffs, catchy melodies, an strang vocals - aw in vera melancholic an moody fashion. In 2007 Misery Inc. inked a deal wi Finnish record label Johanna Kustannus (Megamania), and third album Breedgreedbreed wis released on October 10, 2007.

On September 15 Misery Inc. informs that Misery Inc. haes come tae an end due tae mony member chynges.


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Niko Mankinen - vocals (2005–2008)
Mikko Herranen - vocals (2008)
Janne Tolonen - guitar (2001–2008)
Teemu Ylämäki - guitar (2001–2008)
Aki Heikinheimo - bass (2005–2008)
Joonas Kauppinen - drums (2001–2008)

Umwhile members

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Jukkis Huuhtanen - vocals (2001–2005)
Jukka Keisala - bass (2001–2005)
Jules Näveri - vocals (2004–2007)
Tommi Niemi - vocals (2007)


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Muisic videos

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  • "Fallen Rage" (2006, directit bi Jani Saajanaho)
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