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Oola Úlla on the N24

Oola (Erse: Úlla, IPA: [ˈuːl̪ˠə]; or Uibhle, [ˈɪvʲlʲə], frae the drumlins) is a veelage in Coonty Limerick, an the province o Munster, Ireland, near Limerick in the midwast o the kintra. The main N24 road frae Limerick tae Waterford passes throu the toun an the toun o Tipperary is locatit 12 kilometres sooth-east o Oola. It has approximately 500 inhabitants. The veelage is hame tae a kirk (The Church of The Sacred Heart), a petrol station, a convenience store, twa public hooses, a playin pitch, a post office, a credit union, a haw, an a florist. In the Ware o 2012 a commonty cooncil wis formit tae help in keepin the veelage archives an tae maintain an information resource for veelagers past an present.


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The ruins o Oola Castle staund close tae the veelage an in 1825, some lairge an perfect antlers of the Erse elk wur discovered; an, in 1828, a brazen trumpet, an spear an arrae heids o bronze wur foond, which wur placit in the museum o Trinity College, Dublin.[1]


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Tho the toun is nae langer connectit tae the rail netwirk, the important station at Limerick Junction is nearbi. Oola railwey station opened on 9 Mey 1848 an feenally closed on 9 September 1963.[2]

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