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Oliver Heaviside

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Oliver Heaviside
Born18 Mey 1850(1850-05-18)
Camden Town, Lunnon, Ingland
Dee'd3 Februar 1925(1925-02-03) (aged 74)
Torquay, Devon, Ingland
Kent forHeaviside cover-up method
Kennelly–Heaviside layer
Heaviside step function
Differential operators
Vector analysis
Heaviside condeetion
AwairdsFaraday Medal
Fellae o the Ryal Society[1]
Scientific career
FieldsElectrical ingineerin, mathematics an pheesics
InstitutionsGreat Northren Telegraph Company
Famous quote: Shall I refuse ma dinner acause I dae nae fully unnerstand the process o digestion?

Oliver Heaviside FRS[1] (/ˈɒlɪvər ˈhɛvisd/; 18 Mey 1850 – 3 Februar 1925) wis a self-taucht Inglis electrical ingineer, mathematician, an pheesicist who adaptit complex nummers tae the study o electrical circuits, inventit mathematical techniques tae the solution o differential equations (later foond tae be equivalent tae Laplace transforms), reformulatit Maxwell's field equations in terms o electric an magnetic forces an energy flux, an independently co-formulatit vector analysis. Altho at odds wi the scientific establishment for maist o his life, Heaviside chynged the face o mathematics an science for years tae come.[2]

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