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Coat of airms o Oeversee
Coat airms
Oeversee is located in Germany
Location o Oeversee athin Schleswig-Flensburg destrict
Oeversee in SL.PNG
Coordinates: 54°42′23″N 09°26′10″E / 54.70639°N 9.43611°E / 54.70639; 9.43611Coordinates: 54°42′23″N 09°26′10″E / 54.70639°N 9.43611°E / 54.70639; 9.43611
Municipal assoc.Oeversee
 • MayorHans-Heinrich Jensen-Hansen (CDU)
 • Total36.35 km2 (14.03 sq mi)
31 m (102 ft)
 • Total3,409
 • Density94/km2 (240/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Diallin codes04630 & 04638
Vehicle registrationSL

Oeversee (Dens: Oversø) is a municipality in the destrict o Schleswig-Flensburg, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is situatit approximately 10 km sooth o Flensburg. The Oeversee municipality wis mergit wi Sankelmark on 1 Mairch 2008. The new municipality is, housomeivver, still cried Oeversee.

Oeversee is pairt o the Amt ("collective municipality") Oeversee. The seat o the Amt is locatit in Tarp, which is close tae Idstedt an Stolk, amang ither smawer touns in the aurie.

The aurie wis the place o mony battles atween the Germans an the Danes. The veelage o Oeversee (or to be mair precise, Sankelmark) wittnessed, for example, a battle atween Austrian an Dens forces in the Seicont Schleswig War on 6 Februar 1864. Thare are still annual memorial services held for this event an celebratin the helpfulness o the ceetizens o Flensburg.
The Austrian ceety o Graz namit a alley an a schuil efter Oeversee in recogneetion o this event, as the Austrian troops haed been based in Graz. Returnin the favor, Oeversee namit a public square efter Graz (Grazer Platz).

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