Odd-taed ungulate

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Odd-taed ungulates
Huif o a horse
Scientific classification
Kinrick: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Cless: Mammalia
Infracless: Eutheria
Superorder: Laurasiatheria
Order: Perissodactyla
Owen, 1848

An odd-taed ungulate is a mammal wi huifs that featur an odd nummer o taes. Odd-taed ungulates comprise the order Perissodactyla (Greek: περισσός, perissós, "uneven", an δάκτυλος, dáktylos, "finger/tae").[2] The middle tae on each huif is uisually muckler nor its neighbours. Odd-taed ungulates are relatively muckle grazers an, unlik the ruminant even-taed ungulates (artiodactyls), thay hae relatively semple stomachs acause thay are hindgut fermenters, digestin plant cellulose in thair intestines rather nor in ane or mair stomachs. Odd-taed ungulates include the horse, tapirs, an rhinoceroses.

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