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Forby kent asOdin
OreiginSeoul, Sooth Korea
GenresBlack metal, Daith metal (early)
Years active1993–present
LabelsJusin Productions, The End
Associate actsHolymarsh, Sunoi
MembersKim Do-Su
Lee Hee-Doo
Lim Ji-Nah
Bak Yong-Hee
Bak Jong-Ho
Past members(See full leetin)

Oathean is a Sooth Korean black metal baund that formit in 1993 oreeginally unner the name Odin, for the Norse/Scandinavie god. They went on a short hiatus an then chyngit their name three years later. Unlike maist black metal baunds, Oathean's leerics deal wi sadness an depression rather than satanic an anti-Christian themes. Their pairticular style o metal is influencit bi fowk metal, an incorporates Korean warld muisic wi the uise o traditional Korean instruments such as the haegeum an daegeum.

Foondin member Kim Do-Su startit an runs his awn label, Jusin Productions, which releases muckle o the baund's ootput, an haes joined in for sessions wi Holymarsh.

Memmers[eedit | eedit soorce]

Current memmers[eedit | eedit soorce]

Umwhile memmers[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Bak Jae-Ryeon – drums
  • Lee Soo-Hyeong – drums
  • Jeon Seong-Man – drums
  • Heo Ji-Woo – drums
  • Baek Hyeon – guitar
  • Kim Dong-Hyeon – drums
  • Kim Woon – drums
  • Kim Min-Suk – guitar
  • Kim Hee-Tae – guitar
  • Lee Bun-Do – guitar
  • Lee Hee-Doo – lead guitar
  • Lee Jun-Hyeok – lead guitar
  • Kim Min-Su – bass, vocals
  • Park Yong-Hee – bass guitar
  • Song Seong-Hwan – bass guitar
  • Moon Jong-Su – bass guitar
  • Gu Hae-Ryeong – keybuirds

Session memmers[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Naamah − drums
  • Son Ji-Yeong − haegeum
  • Lee Yu-Gyeong − daegeum
  • Kim Eun-Yeong − daegeum
  • Kim Deok-Su − keybuirds
  • Gwak Ju-Lim − vocals

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Demo '97 (Demo, 1997)
  • The Eyes of Tremendous Sorrow (CD, independent, 1998)
  • When All Memories Are Shattered (EP, Jusin, 2001)
  • Ten Days in Lachrymation (CD, Jusin, 2001)
  • The Last Desperate 10 Years as Ever (CD, Shinbiro, 2003; contains new songs, the 1997 demo, and remastered old songs)
  • Fading Away into the Grave of Nothingness (CD, Jusin, 2004)
  • The Eyes of Tremendous Sorrow + As a Solitary Tree Against the Sky (CD, Jusin, 2005; contains five new songs and the first album)
  • Regarding All the Sadness of the World (CD, Jusin, 2008)
  • Oathean (CD, Jusin, 2010)

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